Malinka Monstarz

Malinka Monstarz 1.1.9

Arcade touch shooting gallery


  • Fun soundtrack
  • Simple gameplay


  • Repetitive

Not bad

Malinka Monstarz is a strange arcade game where players are required to tap on specific monsters in a shooting gallery interface.

The game contains a simple cartoon style where the monsters will slide across one of three different levels. Each session contains a timer that counts down and players have to “bump off” the specific monsters as fast as possible to increase their score. Each level also contains monsters that are bonus points as well as an “Epic Fail” monster that will immediately end the game.

Malinka Monstarz is a bit overly simplistic in the gameplay. The only difficulty to each level is how quickly the monsters move across their individual levels. The timer decreases at a relatively slow pace so there is not much urgency in Malinka Monstarz until the timer is almost over.

The real standout to Malinka Monstarz is the music. The soundtrack of Malinka Monstarz uses the famous Kalinka-Malinka melody of Russia in-game. But it does feel that the game was built around the use of the soundtrack.

Malinka Monstarz is fun for the first few sessions, but there is not much gameplay to keep the game fresh and it does become repetitive.

brand new design, more levels, openfeint features


  • brand new design, more levels, openfeint features
Malinka Monstarz


Malinka Monstarz 1.1.9

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